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Essex Militia Social Living history page,
The Essex Militia Social Living History page. The pictures on this page (and the complete site) are copyrighted. This page will show members of The Essex Militia taking different roles at various events. They start of during the 1640's, The English Civil War, the Restoration follows then some Social pictures (Dancing and eating).
There a couple of portraits of members allowing our ego through and "Posing" for the painter. (Posing for the camera).

As most re-enactors will tell you, when you put the costume on, you seem to take on this personae. Thus like all Men, we allow our egos to flourish.

Although the Militia consisted of Pike & Musket, a visting trooper brings messages from Parliament

The voice of Mars speaks!! A veteran from the Wars in the Three Kingdoms, now employed by Parliament as Master Gunner for The Militia shows his trade

Although affairs military in the militia is controlled by an Officer, the local gentry has sent a local magistrate to oversee the paperwork.

The Essex Militia provide a volley of shot. These muskets were accurate up to about 50 yards depending on quality of powder, ball and Man!!.

One of the Militia showing how the musket is fired

A member of the gentry in conversation with a local Preacher

The pride of any regiment is in the Colours (Flag or Ensign). Here the Shot gather around the Colours at Boscobel House in Shropshire.

Here the King Charles II, walks round the site of his great Escape after Worcester, Bosobel House, with Nell Gwynne. (Hence the many pubs named The Tree or The Royal Oak)

When the King is in residence, extra food has to be provided for him & his party. Here one of the Cooks bring food from the house for his table

Charles II set up the Royal Hospitial in Chelsea for his old and injured armed forces. On Oak Apple day, 2000, The Essex Militia while at Boscobel House were priveleged to be visited by some of these fine gentlemen.

Two officers converse. The Officer on the left wears the Blue coat of the Earl of Oxford (who was the Lord Lieutenanat of Essex and henceforth in control of the Militia), his Regiment of Horse. The Red coated Gentleman wears the coat of the Essex Militia.

One of the Ladyes of the Court of Charles II at work practicing her Letters. See the fine Coat of Arms she uses, could it be the front page of her family history?

One way to socalise (and keep warm) was by dancing, here some middling gentry enjoy the English weather (and a little flirting) on a summers day

Ladies were taught to provide music or sewing, as well as other social graces. Here a lady plays an spinet. (this member built this instrument by researching original sources to get the design.!! Actually its an 18th Century design and took around 150 - 200 hours work WOW)

Here a mixture of middling and lower classes enjoy a dance while members of the Public look on

Although We enjoy Living History, as Pratical Historians, we also give talks. Here a member gives a talk on Costumes

After the event, its nice to just sit down and "Chill out"

This could be a picture of a Courtier of the 1670's with his good ladyie, instead two of our members "pose for the painter"

Modesty forbids me to say whom this is!!. Yep its your Webmaster posing in the Kings House, Newmarket.